After the government’s approval, what is the Egyptian Health Council and its functions?

12:26 AM

Thursday 11 November 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

In its weekly meeting, the Council of Ministers approved a draft law to issue the Egyptian Health Council, to replace the Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Training for Physicians, established by Prime Minister Decree No. 210 of 2016.

According to a cabinet statement, the Health Council will be a public service body affiliated with the President of the Republic and aims to regulate the fields of health in Egypt, raise the scientific and applied level for doctors and workers in various health specialties, develop the level of medical and health training for them and graduates of various medical and health colleges, and test them to verify their fulfillment. To adequately qualify for safe medical and health practice, to ensure the improvement of health services in Egypt, in accordance with the state’s general health and medical policy.

According to the draft law, the Egyptian Health Council is responsible for setting public policies that guarantee health practices that achieve the highest degree of patient safety and satisfaction, while setting the necessary standards for the application of professional ethical charters, in addition to setting standards and procedures and supervising examinations that qualify for obtaining a license to practice health professions.

The council is also responsible for setting specifications and standards for medical institutions that possess the ingredients for post-university training in the health fields with its various specializations, following up on the evaluation of their health practices, setting up periodic monitoring systems for the quality of vocational education and training in accredited institutions, and achieving integration and cooperation in the field of health training between the council and international bodies. different disciplines to achieve international standards for safe health practice and keep pace with scientific progress.

The Egyptian Health Council differs from the Egyptian Authority for Training Doctors, in that the first reports directly to the President of the Republic, while the Authority has a legal personality and follows the Prime Minister.

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