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After their departure, the ambassadors of Lebanon to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain demand a speedy solution to the crisis

03:31 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Beirut – (DPA):

Today, Wednesday, Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed his position on the priority of brotherly relations that link Lebanon with the Gulf states.

Mikati stressed, during his meeting today, the ambassadors of Lebanon to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fawzi Kabbara, and the Kingdom of Bahrain, Milad Nammour, on “the necessity of giving priority to the supreme national interest, in political affairs and in international relations, over factional and personal interests.”

According to the National News Agency, Mikati discussed with the two ambassadors the repercussions of the recent Gulf crisis.

For their part, the two ambassadors expressed their “fear of the worsening repercussions of this crisis on the future of bilateral relations between Lebanon and the Gulf states and its repercussions on the interests of the Lebanese and the communities there.”

Al-Sifran pointed out that “every day delay in resolving the crisis will lead to more difficulty in restoring these relations and returning them to what they were before.”

The two ambassadors conveyed to the prime minister that “the Saudi and Bahraini officials assured them, upon their departure, of their deep concern for the close brotherly ties and for the solid friendship that binds them to the Lebanese people of all categories.”

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait had asked their Lebanese ambassadors to leave their country and recalled their ambassadors from Beirut, due to statements made by Minister of Information George Kordahi regarding the ongoing war in Yemen.

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