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Al-Azhar Observatory calls for the activation of laws to curb the phenomenon of offensive inscriptions on Islamic places in France

05:20 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism confirmed that the way to confront the phenomenon of placing offensive inscriptions on Islamic places in France is to activate laws to limit its recurrence. Fearing that it would harm the stability of society and the security of its members, with the escalation of anti-Muslim acts and the vandalism of places of worship and the engraving of their walls with offensive drawings.

The observatory expressed, in a statement, on Wednesday, its categorical rejection of racism and hate speech, which some exploit to intimidate people against Muslims; Which ultimately leads to extremism and violence.

And the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the French city of Besançon announced that unknown persons had engraved the “Crosses of Lorraine” in red on the walls of a mosque and two Islamic associations in the eastern province of Doubs, in an attack described as racist. The Lorraine cross is a traditional symbol of what is known as “Gaullistism” or resistance.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed its intention to open an investigation into the incident; After widespread denunciations of the provocative incident, as they described it.

In turn, Boubacar Lamamra, the mosque’s president, considered that the aim of these drawings was to convey a message that “we are resisting Islam”, which is considered an anti-Islam act.

The National Observatory for Combating Islamophobia denounced the “unhealthy climate” around Islam in France, expecting the current state of escalation against Islam and Muslims to continue until the presidential elections.

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