Corona chaos at work: 3G or 2G – or don’t ask at all?



The great corona chaos in the workplace

Old project in Chile weighs on Hochtief's earnings

On the shell, you don’t have to worry that too little fresh air won’t swirl the aerosols.

(Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa)

The pandemic has never been so confusing for workers. Is the company going for 3G or 3G Plus? Is there a 2G canteen or is everyone sitting together at the table? And then there’s this new question from the boss.


Saskia Aleythe, Elisabeth Dostert, Thomas Fromm, Max Hägler and Christina Kunkel

It was actually a good summer, a bit like last year. And maybe there were really good reasons to believe that everything would be fine this fall. Hopes, as they naturally and easily sneak in after a year and a half pandemic, in a beer garden on a July day with 25 degrees, blue skies and a second syringe in the upper arm.

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