He does not have any obstacles.. Learn about the conditions for candidacy to participate in the exams for technical diplomas

12:40 AM

Thursday 11 November 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has set the conditions required for candidates to serve as heads of traffic committees and first observers for the technical diplomas exam.

The Ministry demanded that candidates to work as chairs of traffic committees and first observers for the technical diplomas exam must complete all the data of the Al-Mana form, approve it and stamp it with the logo seal from the Education Directorate of Education or its educational administration, as well as the conditions newspaper from the ministry’s website and electronic portal in accordance with the controls.

The conditions were as follows:

The applicant should not have an obstacle that prevents him from participating in the examinations for technical diplomas.

Not to be a candidate to work in the Question Distribution Center.

– That the nominations of committee chairmen and first observers be among the categories “general mentor – first mentor – mentor – director of administration, stage manager – school principal – senior teacher – expert teacher – senior teacher – head of the department, deputy or undersecretary of the department of education or technical education.”

The technical education sector has warned all those who are eligible for candidacy that submitting the candidacy form is not optional, but rather to all those who meet the conditions of candidacy and take into account:

– That all candidates write the declaration of the obstacles form and review the data and seals in the administration and the directorate with the status sheet, then the directorate sends a representative from you to these sites and the status sheet collected at the level of the educational directorate for each type of technical education, and refer everyone who meets the conditions and did not submit a form for affairs Legal.

– Nominations are made for everyone who meets these conditions, and the names are registered with absolute seniority according to the current job, and everyone who meets the conditions and did not submit the site form without reasons will be referred to the legal affairs.

– The school principal or the person responsible for personnel affairs must send the data of all school employees who meet the conditions, otherwise the school director and the personnel and legal affairs officer will be referred.

The declaration of impediments that is not approved by the seal of the republic’s emblem from the directorate or educational administration, or in contravention of this year’s declaration, as well as the status sheet, shall not be considered.

– Complete and compile the site and status sheet forms at the Directorate and send them to the Central Administration Committee during the month of December 2021.

The interview dates are set during the mid-year vacation.


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