“Health Care”: Examination of 350,000 citizens in Luxor is free of charge

03:59 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The General Authority for Health Care announced that 355,000 citizens were examined as part of the comprehensive medical examinations for beneficiaries of the new comprehensive health insurance system in Luxor Governorate, in which the system was launched at the beginning of this year.

The statement of the General Authority for Health Care, today, Tuesday, stated that the comprehensive medical examination of citizens is carried out through clinical examinations and laboratory analyzes, and starts from the nursing assessment and measurement of vital signs, through the examination of the family doctor and dentist and a set of medical and blood analyzes, and the statement pointed out that the medical examination Comprehensive health insurance is free of charge for all beneficiaries of the comprehensive health insurance system.

The authority indicated that conducting a comprehensive medical examination for the beneficiaries of the new comprehensive health insurance system in Luxor Governorate, through 47 units and family health centers affiliated to the Luxor Health Care Authority branch, and within the units, the necessary educational and health awareness is provided on how to prevent infection with all diseases, especially chronic ones or The risk factors leading to it, as well as raising awareness of the importance of a comprehensive medical examination for early detection and prevention of diseases.

The statement continued: The examinations included in the comprehensive medical examination, include examinations (pressure measurement, dental examination, hemoglobin measurement, RH & ABO examination, blood type determination, random sugar analysis), and in the event that high blood pressure or an increase in sugar level is detected. Blood, complete examinations are done for the patient, including (triglycerides, cumulative sugar, kidney function, fundus examination, electrocardiogram), and when there is a high risk in the results of the aforementioned tests and examinations, an echocardiogram is performed on the patient’s heart to check on the health of the patient. The heart and the health of the beneficiary in general, in addition to the fact that in case of confirmation of chronic heart disease, the patient is referred to one of the five hospitals affiliated with the Health Care Authority in Luxor for advanced examinations and to receive the necessary medical and treatment service.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Health Care, Assistant Minister of Health and Population, and General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project, stressed that the comprehensive medical examination for beneficiaries, which the Authority carries out through its health facilities in the governorates (Port Said, Luxor, Ismailia), is An inherent right of the beneficiaries, with the aim of periodic follow-up to determine the health status of those registered in the new system in the governorate.

Al-Sobky stressed that, through this examination, we aim to periodically check the health of all beneficiaries of the new comprehensive health insurance system in Luxor Governorate, the second governorate to implement the new system, and they number more than 1.555 thousand beneficiaries, while the comprehensive medical examination helps in early detection of Diseases or risk factors leading to them to be quickly treated or contained and controlled, and to preserve the general health of individuals, in line with the objectives of the new comprehensive health insurance project and the objectives of Egypt’s Vision for Comprehensive Sustainable Development 2030.

It is noteworthy that Luxor Governorate has 6 centers and cities, with a population of about 1.5 million people, living on an area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers. It includes 6 hospitals, adding 59 health units and a medical center, to provide primary care services to beneficiaries.


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