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Insulted, hit and kicked…a teacher accused of assaulting a student in Kafr El-Sheikh

06:43 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Today, Wednesday, an irrigation engineer residing in the city of Fouh in Kafr El-Sheikh accused a mathematics teacher in the Fouh Educational Administration of beating and kicking the nephew of his nephew, a student in the first grade of middle school, and kicking him with the foot, for the student’s refusal to curse the teacher at him during the school day.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz Daghdagh, 42, an irrigation engineer, issued a report at the Fouh Police Station, accusing M.S., a mathematics teacher at the Martyr Ahmed Nasrallah Hammad Preparatory School for Boys, affiliated to the Foh Educational Administration, of assaulting his nephew by insulting, hitting and kicking.

The student’s uncle confirmed in his communication that the teacher insulted his nephew with his mother, and because of his refusal of the insulting words uttered by the teacher, he assaulted him by hitting him on the head, and kicking him with the legs, causing some light injuries to his head and in different parts of his body, in addition to causing a bad psychological condition for the student that made him refuse to go to School and study regularity.

By signing a medical examination on the student, it was found that he had bruises on the head, scratches, light abrasions on the face, and bruises on the right foot and abdomen, as a result of the assault, while the medical examination of the student was completed.

With this, the necessary minutes have been drawn up, and the Public Prosecution office is under way to conduct investigations.

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