Monday, November 29

Italy confirms its support for the political process in Libya

03:07 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Rome – a sh a

Today, Wednesday, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Serini affirmed her country’s support for the political track in Libya towards holding elections on time as a prelude to starting the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces.

And the Italian news agency quoted Serini as saying before a session of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Senate, that Italy will co-chair France and Germany on Friday in the Paris Conference on Libya, which will renew support for the electoral process, and affirm the need it has long supported to find a comprehensive solution led by Libyans.

The Deputy Minister stressed the fundamental importance of North Africa in order to ensure the stability of the Mediterranean basin, explaining that the goal is to preserve the date of the elections set on December 24 and finally start the process of withdrawing mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya, in line with the action plan approved by the Joint Military Committee.

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