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Jordan: The current situation in Syria cannot be accepted and a political solution must be found

07:02 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Jordan – (AA)

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said today, Wednesday, that his country cannot accept the current situation in Syria and that it seeks to reach a political solution with all partners to end the 11-year crisis and end the suffering of the Syrian people.

Al-Safadi added – in an exclusive interview with the American channel “CNN” – that his country’s position towards Syria has always been consistent, and that his country believes that this crisis took a long time and caused a lot of suffering, while no effective strategies appeared to resolve the conflict.

He added, “So what we are trying to do in coordination with our allies and friends is to try to direct efforts again towards an effective strategy that puts an end to this crisis, which destroyed the lives of millions and had security, economic and social effects on all of us, especially on countries like Jordan, which were greatly affected due to its sharing of borders with Syria.” .

When asked about the extent of the support he believed to be present in the region for the step of “normalizing relations with Syria and President Bashar al-Assad,” Safadi said that “it is not about normalizing relations, but working together to put an end to a conflict that we all agree has caused great destruction and suffering, and we agree that it must end through a solution.” political and did not receive the attention necessary to be disbanded.”

He added that in order for this political solution to be reached, “dialogues must take place with the actors, noting that the Syrian government is a party and we must talk with it about how to achieve a political solution that ends the suffering of the Syrians, guarantees Syria’s unity, ends external interference and achieves victory over the terrorists, in what is considered a United Nations resolution No. 2254 on Syria is an important point on which we all agree.”

Al-Safadi also explained that along the 367-kilometre border, his country suffers from the threat of terrorism and drug smuggling, explaining that a country that hosts 1.3 million Syrian residents do not receive global support as previously, which puts his country in front of the burden of dealing with that in light of the dwindling of the coming funds.

Safadi stressed that his country is committed to providing a decent life for Syrian citizens, noting that abandoning them to devour them of fear and anger will make them pose a threat to everyone in the future, adding that his country – as the most affected country – is working with all partners to reach a path that leads to a political solution that ends this crisis for us. all together.

Regarding the position of the US administration against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and whether he discussed his country’s direction with his American nemesis, Anthony Blinken, Safadi said that the United States of America is the closest ally to his country and that he speaks frankly and openly with his American counterpart on all issues, adding that “America has its position as well as We, and our position, I think, is what will achieve the goal in the end, and what we see is an end to the suffering and the humanitarian crisis that we see in Syria.”

The Jordanian foreign minister stressed his previous statements about the need for a dialogue between the United States of America and Russia on Syria and an agreement on a solution to move forward, adding, “I believe that discussions are underway and we hope that we will work together towards that solution, given that we all want to end this tragedy.”

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