Monday, November 29

Kim Bu-gyeom, “A story of no current measures” for the additional payment of disaster aid

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom is discussing countermeasures by chairing a meeting of related ministries and local governments related to highly pathogenic AI at the government complex in Seoul on the 10th. yunhap news

On the 10th, Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom said, “The government has no countermeasures at present” about the political circle’s discussion of additional payment of disaster aid.

Prime Minister Kim appeared on KBS’ ‘The Live’ that night and said, “This year, we have been living our life in anticipation of a loss of close to 70 trillion won. I don’t know how the people will react if I say, ‘I don’t know about debt, let’s start using it’ because taxes were collected a little bit more than expected, leaving the deficit as it is.”

Prime Minister Kim said, “If it is to be realistically possible, there must be a financial condition or something that the public can understand. Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung is pushing for a national disaster relief fund, and presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol promised to compensate the self-employed and small business owners for losses by investing 50 trillion won within 10 days after the new government is inaugurated.

Prime Minister Kim said, “I have no intention of fighting, as if conscious that such an answer would be seen as a conflict between the party and the government. We want to know exactly what our situation is and talk about it.”

Regarding the issue of the number of urea, which has been in short supply, Prime Minister Kim said, “We have secured enough to use for two and a half months for vehicles. Now, don’t worry at all.” Prime Minister Kim said, “It is difficult to see this as a national strategic item, but we have suffered so much. We will diversify our import sources and prepare necessary measures in case of an emergency like this one.”

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