The counter is prepaid.. Learn about the steps to extract the charging card if it is lost or damaged

11:25 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

Masrawy reviews the steps that must be followed in case the prepaid card or code for the prepaid electricity meter is lost or damaged. Some steps must be followed, especially if you are the owner or renter of the unit. You must follow some instructions that came as follows:-

1- Go to the electricity distribution company to which the subscriber belongs.

2- A copy of the meter showing the meter number.

3- A copy of the national ID card and the original for review.

For the tenant:
4- Editing a report of the loss of the shipping card at the police department to which it belongs, in addition to a copy of the power of attorney and the original for review.

5- Submission of a notarized lease contract for the lease term.

6- After completing these procedures and paying the value of the new card according to the fees prescribed by the company, a new card is issued and activated on the same day.

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