Monday, November 29

The fall of the Dakahlia quorum in the grip of the security men… Allegedly deporting young people to work abroad

04:19 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The Ministry of Interior agencies continued their efforts; To combat fraud and fraud and seize the money of citizens wishing to travel to work abroad.

Information and investigations by the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes in the Public Funds Crimes and Organized Crime Sector stated that (a person – with criminal information – residing in the Talkha Police Station Department in Dakahlia) established a company “without a license” – located in the Talkha Police Station Department in Dakahlia and took it as a den to practice his activity. Criminal fraud in the field of defrauding citizens wishing to travel to work abroad with the intention of seizing their money, claiming his ability to send them to work and provide them with job opportunities with remunerative salaries.

After codifying the procedures in coordination with the Public Security Sector and the Dakahlia Security Directorate, the accused was targeted and it was possible to arrest him when he was at the company’s headquarters. Letters attributed to some employers abroad “all forged” – 2 clams – billboard in the name of the company – – 10 passports with the names of different people – sum of money in foreign and local currencies – 2 mobile phones).

By technically examining the seized devices, it was found that many of the seized documents were loaded with them.” By confronting the aforementioned accused, he admitted to engaging in his criminal activity as indicated.

Legal action has been taken.

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