The prosecution authorizes the burial of the body of a young man who was killed in a quarrel in Beni Suef

09:53 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Beni Suef – Hamdi Suleiman:

Today, Wednesday, the Somasta Center Prosecution, under the supervision of Counselor Mustafa Al-Matnawi, Attorney General of Beni Suef Prosecutions, announced the burial of the body of a young man who was killed in a quarrel between him and a tuk-tuk driver, after the forensic medicine commissioned an autopsy to determine the causes of death.

Major General Tariq Mashhour, director of Beni Suef security, had received a notification from Major General Osama Jumaa, director of criminal investigations, of the arrival of “Mahmoud S.A.” 24 years old, a resident of the village of Badhl, affiliated to the Sumasta Center, to the Central Hospital, with severe wounds to the chest and abdomen, and pronounced word His last breath as he arrived.

Brigadier General Mansour Al-Deghaidi, Head of Criminal Investigation, and Major Hossam Al-Reedy, Head of Somasta Investigations, moved, and from the inspection and investigations, a quarrel broke out between the victim and the tuk-tuk driver, residing in the village of Al-Asakrah affiliated to the Center Department, after a collision between a car and a tuk-tuk at the entrance to the parking lot, so the perpetrator sought the help of He called his father and his family members to catch the dead man, and he took out a white “folded” weapon from the folds of his clothes and stabbed the victim several times in the chest and abdomen.

The accused was arrested and a report was released.

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