The trial of 22 defendants in the “ISIS Urban Cell” case has been postponed to January 10

02:56 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

Circuit 5 of Terrorism, held in Tora, today, Saturday, is looking into the trial session of 22 defendants, including 10 detainees, accused of joining a terrorist group that embraces the ideas of the terrorist organization ISIS in the Al-Umraniya area, in the case known in the media as “ISIS Al-Umraniyah”, for the January 10 session to annex the Al-Ahraz.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants in case No. 3107 of 2020, Omrania felonies, and which was restricted to No. 182 of 2017, state security felonies to the accused, Hani Abdullah “Mahabbous”, that during the period from 2015 until September 7, 2019, he assumed leadership of a terrorist group, and the accused were charged from 2 to 18 counts of joining a terrorist group.

The Public Prosecution charged 19 to 22 defendants with financing a terrorist group, 3 to 6 defendants with attempted murder of police officer Mohamed Tarek and police officer Mohamed Sobhi, and charges of vandalizing public property “police cars.”

The first and second defendants were also charged with attempting to kill policemen, vandalizing public property, monitoring a police car, planning theft of a police car, and possession of firearms (pistols and cartridges).

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