Monday, November 29

Tic-Tuk Owners Association: “We have more than 5 million tuk-tuks and the presidential initiative warmed our hearts”

11:46 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

“Sabri Abdo Gad”, advisor to the Tactical Owners Association, commented on the government’s decision to ban the import of tuk-tuks and its basic components, saying: “There is no clear database of tuk-tuks in Egypt,” stressing that the number of licensed tuk-tuks in Egypt is about 255,000, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Development. local in 2018.

And, “Abdel Nasser” added, in a telephone interview to the program “Happening in Egypt” on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel today, Wednesday, that there are 5 million and 400 thousand tuk-tuks in Egypt, because he entered Egypt since 2005, saying: “Tuk-tuk has remained a fait accompli. And he conquered the homes of many people in Egypt, and its price is currently 48,000 pounds, and 3 people work in it,” stressing: “The presidential initiative to legalize and license tactics warmed our hearts.”

He explained, “The government has suspended the licensing of tactics since 2018, which is the beginning of the formation of the association for tuk-tuk owners,” calling for drug detection on tuk-tuk drivers.

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