Under heavy guard, the moment the Israeli ambassador escaped from a conference in London (video)

11:15 PM

Wednesday 10 November 2021


The Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, Tzipi Hotovely, who belongs to the Likud party, escaped from a conference at the London School of Economics, Tuesday evening, under heavy guard.

It showed footage of the moment the Israeli ambassador fled under heavy guard, after a large protest by activists supporting the Palestinian cause, who chanted against her and against the Israeli occupation.

The police forces tried to repel a group of activists, who chanted slogans such as “don’t be ashamed, shame on you” amid boos and a state of security alert to prevent the protesters from reaching the Israeli ambassador’s car.

Tzipi Hotovely, who served as Israel’s ambassador to London last year, was considered a controversial choice, as she is a member of the Likud party led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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