Monday, November 29

[리얼미터] 70% of the people “Political retaliation will continue”

According to the results of a public opinion poll, 7 out of 10 people ‘I think political retaliation will continue in the future’. On the 10th, Realmeter asked 500 adults nationwide about the ‘leadership of the next leader’ at the request of the Korea Institute of Policy Science (KPS). 73.2% answered ‘yes’ to the question and 17.2% answered ‘no’. The perception of ‘yes’ was greater than that of ‘no’ at all levels, including region, age, gender, and ideological orientation. As for the qualities of a political leader, morality (29.8%) and future vision (29.7%) were selected as priorities, followed by national unity (21.1%), historical awareness (9.0%), and persuasion (1.6%). The most favorable presidents in history were former President Park Chung-hee with 32.2%, former President Roh Moo-hyun with 24%, President Moon Jae-in with 12.6%, and former President Kim Dae-jung with 7.9%. This survey was conducted using an automatic answering system for random calls (10%) and wireless (90%), and the response rate was 5.8%. Details will be introduced at the ‘2022 New Leadership Debate’ held at the National Assembly Hall at 1:30 pm on the same day. For detailed survey results and outlines, please refer to the Realmeter website. Reporter Kim Mina [email protected]

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