Blue House “Delivered congratulations to the president Yun Seok-yeol on the 15th”

President Moon Jae-in speaks during a cabinet meeting held at the Blue House video conference room on the morning of the 9th. Cheong Wa Dae photo reporters

On the 15th, President Moon Jae-in delivered a congratulatory message to presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol for the People’s Power through Lee Chul-hee, senior presidential secretary for political affairs, on the 15th. It has been ten days since Yoon was elected as a presidential candidate on the 5th.

The Blue House announced on the 11th that Chief Lee was planning to deliver a congratulatory message to President Moon by preventing the opposition presidential candidates including Yoon and others from the 15th to the 16th. The prevention schedules are: Candidate Yoon at 2 pm on the 15th, Dong-yeon Kim (Chairman of the New Wave Founding Preparation Committee) at 3 pm on the 15th, Cheol-soo Ahn of the People’s Party at 4 pm, and Sang-jeong Shim of the Justice Party at 4 pm on the 16th.

Previously, the Blue House and Candidate Yoon made an appointment with Lee and Candidate Yoon to meet on the 8th, but on the scheduled day, Candidate Yoon’s side canceled it for reasons of schedule. At a time when a former prosecutor general in the current government is calling for a change of government as the presidential candidate of the first opposition party, it is interpreted that it is showing an uncomfortable relationship between President Moon and Candidate Yoon. The Blue House has said that if candidate Yoon requests a meeting with President Moon, it will actively consider it, but there is a forecast that it is unlikely that candidate Yoon will ask for an interview.

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