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Democratic Party urges strict disciplinary action against Lee Jae-myung’s wife’s fall controversy

“The production and dissemination of false information is rampant”
“Two netizens accused… I won’t let you sit until the end.”

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On the 11th, when various interpretations and assumptions were made about the fall of Kim Hye-kyung, the wife of presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party of Korea urged the investigative authorities to take strict measures, saying, “It is an organized conspiracy that goes beyond the second debacle incident.” The Democratic Party announced on the 9th that it would disclose data such as Kim’s movement and 119 transfer records at the time of the fall.

Lee Hae-sik, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, who is the head of the Spouse Office of the Candidate’s Election Committee, held a press conference at the National Assembly on the same day and said, “The production and distribution of malicious, intentional and systematic false information regarding the rise of Mrs. Kim Hye-kyung is rampant.” criticized like this.

Rep. Lee said, “This act is judged to be due to an organized conspiracy that goes beyond the ‘Shipaldan Incident’, which was a secret affair during the 2012 presidential election. The second sip-dan incident, which is an act of doing so, should be thoroughly condemned,” he emphasized.

The ‘Sipaldan’ case refers to a case in which some pastors and others systematically spread content on the Internet that defended then-candidate Park Geun-hye and slandered Moon Jae-in before the 2012 presidential election, and those involved were convicted.

Earlier, the Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against two netizens on charges of spreading false information (violation of the Public Official Election Act).

“Anyone who additionally produces or distributes related false information will take accusations and accusations against the police and prosecutors,” said lawmaker Lee. We will take this opportunity to eradicate illegal election campaigns online through social media, YouTube, and communities.”

Rep. Lee also said, “The core and all of the facts are that the candidate took care of his/her spouse who was injured due to poor health. there will be We will never stand by with such an act that violates the spirit of democracy that all our people have defended with all their might,” he said.

Democratic Party lawmaker Seo Young-kyo, chair of the National Assembly’s Administrative Safety Committee, also said in an interview, “I strongly urge the National Election Commission and the police to strictly punish fake news that adversely affects the election.” precious. The spread of fake news and false information about this is a subject that must be strictly dealt with. We must protect it as a citizen,” he said. Rep. Seo added, “We will conduct an on-site investigation of all traffic lines related to the accident, including the hospital to which the spouse was transferred, and will secure and disclose all data such as video data, recorded data, and 119 transfer records related to the facts.” “I had no choice but to send President Roh Moo-hyun to the other world as fake news,” he said. .

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