Monday, November 29

DGB Life, donated books to rehabilitation facilities for the mentally disabled

DGB Life Insurance (CEO Kim Seong-han) announced on the 11th that it had donated 100 books collected through the voluntary participation of all its employees to ‘Saeorumteo’, a community conversion facility for the mentally disabled.

Saeoreumteo is a community transformation facility that helps patients suffering from mental illness or the psychiatric disabled to stably rehabilitate and adapt to the local community. At the donation ceremony held at Saeoreumteo on the 10th, DGB Life CEO Kim Seong-han personally participated and donated 100 books collected through donations from employees.

DGB Life Insurance plans to continue to donate books in the future in conjunction with the in-house reading discussion club Miraclunch and ‘Book-Eat-Talk’. ‘Bookit Talk’ is a program in which managers and higher level employees select and read books on topics related to leadership and humanities every month, and share their thoughts with each other. Books used in ‘Book It Talk’ are donated to the in-house library and provided as a rental service to employees, and it is planned to select and donate books that fit the characteristics to external organizations for the care of the underprivileged in the future.

Since the inauguration of CEO Seong-Han Kim, DGB Life Insurance has been working hard to establish an in-house culture under the motto of ‘a learning organization, a learning employee’. In fact, we regularly operate ‘DGB Insight’, a lecture by external experts, and book concerts, and spare no effort in enhancing the humanities and financial expertise of our employees. We are continuously expanding our base. Since the establishment of the in-house library in August of this year, the voluntary donation culture within the organization has also been established, and over 700 books have been collected for three months.

A DGB Life official said, “The book donation activity is one of the excellent proposals adopted in the ‘ERRC (Eliminate Reduce Raise Create) Campaign,’ a group joint project where all DGB Financial Group executives and employees suggest work ideas. It is my hope that the books I have collected will provide peace of mind to mentally ill patients and contribute to their rehabilitation.”

On the other hand, DGB Life Insurance is a ‘Hands-On Volunteer Activities for Children in Underdeveloped Countries’, ‘Drawing Hope T for Children of Climate Refugees’, ‘Love of Life Night Walk Contest for Suicide Prevention’, ‘Hebitat Home of Hope Repair’, etc. ESG management is being practiced by conducting social contribution activities through voluntary participation.

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