Financial D.C. promotes establishment of a financial platform corporation by linking real estate loan source patents

Seoul–(Newswire) November 11, 2021 — From December this year, Financial D.O.C will promote the establishment of a corporation by registering with the Financial Services Commission a financial platform linking the original patented technology of the Internet real estate collateral loan owned by the company.

If a financial platform that sells internet real estate mortgage loans is registered with the Financial Services Commission, all domestic banks and financial institutions of insurance and securities companies can link real estate mortgage loans and repayment loans to the financial platform.

In August of this year, the original patent core technology of Financial D.C. was evaluated by patent attorneys affiliated with the Patent Attorneys Association in accordance with Article 2 of the Patent Attorneys Act.

A person in charge of Financial DC said, “The core of the original patent technology is that, based on actual real estate transactions, domestic financial institutions calculate the loan amount and conclude a contract with an electronic document by organically combining △loan amount △loan interest rate △loan period △credit information agency. “Based on this sentiment, as a leading player in the FinTech field of the fourth industrial revolution new technology of financial institutions, banks, etc.

Overview of Financial D.C.

Founded in 2009, Financial D.C. is a company specializing in the production of software databases and technical intellectual property rights of patent licenses. In business fields such as financial institutions, it has the technology to conclude and store electronic bond contract documents, such as mortgages, over the Internet. Companies using this technology include domestic banks, insurance institutions, and financial companies, Koscom, and in particular, Koscom has signed a contract to store electronic documents (real estate mortgage loan contract documents, etc.) of financial institutions by linking ‘#mail’. Financial D.O.C. will establish itself as a leading player in the FinTech field, a new technology of the 4th industrial revolution of financial institutions.


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