Monday, November 29

“Fire concerns” Kia Motors’ Carnival another large-scale recall

Kia ‘Carnival’, which recently recalled about 120,000 vehicles due to a control error in the turn signal, is again entering into a large-scale recall due to a coolant leak problem.

Kia Motors ‘Carnival’

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that manufacturing defects were confirmed in 135,577 units of nine car models, including Kia Motors, Ford Korea, and BMW Korea, and the manufacturer would take corrective measures (recall).

133,137 vehicles, which account for most of the recall, are Kia Motors vehicles. The Kia Carnival (13836 units) produced between March 5, 2018 and July 17, 2020 was voluntarily taken corrective action (recall) as it was confirmed that a fire could occur due to a short circuit of the starter motor due to a coolant leak. .

2301 ‘K7′ units produced from August 7, 2018 to June 18, 2020 were also subject to the recall for the same reason. These vehicles can be repaired free of charge at Kia Motors’ official service center from November 18th.

Ford’s 2018 ‘Aviator’ units are being recalled because the battery cable is not properly fixed and there is a possibility of a fire due to an internal short circuit. 197 units of two models, including BMW’s ‘iX xDrive40’, were subject to recall because it was confirmed that the electric trunk could be closed due to a software error in the electric trunk control system, which could injure users.

61 units of two models of ‘DS7 Crossback 2.0 BlueHDi’ imported and sold by Hanbul Motors will be recalled due to airbag deployment problems in the rear seats. 164 two-wheeled vehicles, including the ‘Kawasaki W800’, were subject to the recall due to a design defect in the tightening part of the engine and exhaust pipe connection.

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