It happened at night| A new fine for spreading rumors and details of the “tuk-tuk” entry into the vehicle substitution initiative

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Thursday 11 November 2021

Yesterday night, and until the early hours of Thursday morning, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were the following:

Imprisonment and a fine.. Find out the penalty for spreading rumors about the epidemiological situation
The draft law on confronting epidemics and health pandemics approved by the House of Representatives Health Committee sets a number of penalties that guarantee commitment to implementing the necessary measures in the event of a pandemic, and not to raise rumors during the pandemic period.

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Amid the civil war, Israel plans to conduct a massive evacuation of Ethiopian Jews
Amid the aggravation of the conflict in Ethiopia, and the war entering its second year, despite pledges by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to end the fighting within weeks in the war launched by his forces against the Tigray rebels last November, but it continued to this day without indications of the end of the conflict.
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Tic-Tuk Owners Association: “We have more than 5 million tuk-tuks and the presidential initiative warmed our hearts”
“Sabri Abdo Gad”, advisor to the Tactical Owners Association, commented on the government’s decision to ban the import of tuk-tuks and its basic components, saying: “There is no clear database of tuk-tuks in Egypt,” stressing that the number of licensed tuk-tuks in Egypt is about 255,000, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Development. local in 2018.
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Opening shrines and shrines?..A source in the endowments clarifies the truth
An informed source at the Ministry of Awqaf revealed the truth of what is being circulated on social media about the opening of shrines and the shrines of Ahl al-Bayt, next Sunday.
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Cabinet Spokesperson: The maximum fee for registering a housing unit in the real estate registry is 2000 pounds
Ambassador Nader Saad, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that the Council of Ministers approved today a set of amendments related to the registration of real estate in order to facilitate the citizens, and that these amendments will be referred to the House of Representatives.
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The government announces the implementation of the capital gains tax… and 10 decisions to support the capital market
In a statement on Wednesday, the government announced the abolition of the stamp tax on stock market transactions for the resident investor, and the application of the capital gains tax, after a great case of controversy in the last period.
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Minister of Justice: More than 90% of real estate in Egypt is not registered in the real estate registry
Counselor Omar Marawan, Minister of Justice, said that more than 90% of real estate in Egypt is not registered in the real estate registry, pointing out that registration protects the property forever for the owner and the heirs.
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There is a deficit..Education is quickly directed to register the data of school students
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education sent a letter to the educational directorates, quickly completing the registration for the first, primary and secondary grades.
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Shoukry: The strategic dialogue is a confirmation of Washington’s interest in its relationship with Egypt
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said, in a special meeting with Egyptian and Arab journalists at his residence in the American capital, Washington, on Wednesday, that the previous strategic dialogue with the American side took place during the era of former Democratic President Barack Obama, although there were consultations with the former Republican administration during the era of former President Donald Trump. And a desire to hold such a dialogue, but perhaps there were some political circumstances, the Corona pandemic, and the Renaissance Dam negotiations, we may not have reached an agreement on an appropriate date for the two foreign ministers at that time.
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With “great facilities” .. Tariq Awad reveals the details of the entry of the “tuk-tuk” into the vehicle substitution initiative
Tariq Awad, spokesman for the presidential initiative to replace vehicles at the Ministry of Finance, said that there are presidential mandates to expand the base of participants in the initiative from different types of vehicles.
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A citizen greeted Al-Sisi’s victory at his home: “It is not necessary, in dreams, that the president’s wife enters our house.”
Nazih El-Sawy, from the village of Shamma, affiliated to the Ashmoun district in Menoufia governorate, said that the visit of Mrs. Intisar El-Sisi, wife of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, to his home was not expected, after his wife invited the president’s wife to visit her house and drink tea, after his wife participated in the medical convoy that was announced to be organized in the village.
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Cabinet Spokesperson: As of December 1, it will not be allowed to deal with citizens in government departments until after receiving the Corona vaccine
Ambassador Nader Saad, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that as of November 15, no student will be allowed to enter the university campus until after submitting a certificate stating that he has obtained at least the first dose of the Corona virus vaccine.
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