K-Bank cuts interest rates on loans for low-to-mid-credit borrowers

K-Bank announced on the 11th that it had lowered interest rates for loans for low- to medium-credit borrowers all at once.

Among customers using ‘Credit Loan Plus’, interest rates were lowered by up to 3.27 percentage points compared to the previous period for customers with low to medium credit. This product can be used by various customers such as office workers, individual business owners, and people with low to medium credit, and the maximum loan limit is 100 million won.

It also lowered interest rates on credit loans and negative bank accounts. K-Bank explained that the interest rates on loans for customers with low and medium credit for the two products have been lowered by 1.5 to 2.3 percentage points.

However, in order to strengthen household debt management, interest rates for high credit loans were slightly raised, and negative bankbooks stopped lending to high credit users on the 6th.

A K-Bank official said, “We have cut interest rates to reduce the interest burden of low and medium creditors. We will continue to strive to provide various customer benefits.”


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