Monday, November 29

‘Kaguri’ made by consumers worked

Consumer-made ‘Kaguri Big Bowl Noodles’ is gaining popularity.

Nongshim announced on the 11th that the Kaguri Big Bowl Noodles, which was released on the 11th of last month, has been selling more than 2.3 million copies in a month.

According to Nongshim, Kaguri’s large bowl noodles, which were introduced based on the modisher recipe, are made according to the recipe recognized by the PC room, and are captivating the taste buds of the 1020th generation.

A Nongshim official said, “Currently, Kaguri large bowl noodles are receiving an explosive response in the market to the extent that supply cannot keep up with demand.”

Kaguri Big Bowl Noodles, made by adding curry pieces to ‘raccoon dog’, is a menu that has been loved enough to get the nickname ‘the taste that makes games well’ in PC rooms. Therefore, consumers had high expectations of the release of Kaguri Big Bowl Noodles, and consumers who actually tasted it said, “The taste of Kaguri that they used to eat can be eaten more conveniently.” garnered rave reviews.

Nongshim will hold an online event to present a ‘Kaguri PC Room Set’ in partnership with ‘Danawa’, a PC price comparison site, from the 15th, focusing on the fact that Kaguri is a popular menu item in PC rooms.

The Kaguri PC room set includes a Kaguri mouse pad and Kaguri large bowl noodles specially made by Danawa. You can participate by downloading the event image from Danawa’s website and posting it on Instagram with the necessary hashtags.

Nongshim Kaguri Big Bowl Noodles are characterized by a unique curry flavor and chewy noodles, as well as kelp and raccoon-shaped fish cakes, which are symbols of raccoon dogs, and retain the characteristics of existing raccoon dogs. Cup noodles that can be cooked in a microwave can be easily enjoyed.

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