Lotte Shopping speeds up ESG management with ‘5 RE’

Lotte Shopping will start building an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management system in earnest.

Lotte Shopping launched the ESG committee at the Lotte Shopping headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 11th and unveiled Lotte Shopping’s integrated ESG campaign brand ‘Reals’ (RE:EARTH) and its slogan.

According to Lotte Shopping, ‘Reals’, which started as an eco-friendly campaign brand of Lotte Mart, will be expanded and operated as a brand that symbolizes ESG campaign activities of Lotte Shopping with the launch of the ESG committee. In addition, the ESG campaign slogan is ‘Dream Together for a Better Earth’ with the meaning of creating a better earth together with all stakeholders including customers, employees, and partners.

Lotte Shopping also announced ‘5 RE’, a five major project to materialize ESG activities. 5 REs are RE:EARTH, RE:NERGY, RE:USE, RE:JOICE, RE:VIVE, etc.

Reals means that Lotte Shopping distributes eco-friendly products through responsible raw material procurement and, in the long term, constitutes an independent sales space. For example, by establishing eco-friendly standards and ranges for in-house products (PB) or sourcing products, use the ‘Reals’ brand for products that meet the standards, or place them in a separately prepared ‘Reals’ space as contents of Lotte Shopping. plan to use it.

Renewable refers to a project that actively reviews the subscription of RE100 (Renewable Energy 100%) and EV100 (Electric Vehicle 100%) to expand infrastructure such as installing solar power facilities, introducing electric vehicles, and installing electric vehicle charging stations. Lotte Shopping plans to expand solar power generation facilities and replace all of its vehicles with electric vehicles. In addition, it plans to actively introduce charging stations equipped with high-spec charging facilities by utilizing offline stores across the country.

Reuse is a project that continues to provide consumers with opportunities to participate in waste reduction activities. Lotte Shopping plans to support the virtuous cycle model of the second-hand business and promote second-hand transactions. To this end, it plans to conduct various collaborations in connection with Jungjungnara and other online platforms that participated in the equity investment earlier this year.

Rejoice focuses on creating a comprehensive healing space under the theme of ‘psychological health’ with the theme of ‘a woman’s happy life-self-esteem, support for dreams and challenges’.

Revive invests in ESG-related growth-value companies by issuing ESG bonds and creating a fund to use it as a financial resource for ESG management. Lotte Shopping was the first in the retail industry to issue ESG bonds worth 170 billion won in April.

“As a general distribution company, we have decided to establish a single message by integrating ESG activities and utilize ESG as a new competitive edge,” said Kang Hee-tae, Vice Chairman and CEO of Lotte Shopping. will,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lotte Shopping certified and acquired ISO37001 (International Standard for Anti-Corruption Management System), which has been operated by the existing department store divisions, for all divisions of marts, supermarkets, and e-commerce in September this year to spread a culture of compliance and ethical management that is the basis of ESG management. Based on this ESG management declaration ceremony, the company plans to create a more transparent and transparent corporate culture.

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