Parliament discusses the risk of facing epidemics next week

03:00 am

Thursday 11 November 2021

Next week, the House of Representatives will discuss the draft law on measures to confront epidemics and health pandemics, submitted by the government.

The Health Committee agreed with the government, that Article 4, which includes procedures and measures to confront epidemics and health pandemics, is the first article at the beginning of the draft law, to stipulate that the Prime Minister issues after the approval of the Council of Ministers; A decision to declare a state of epidemic outbreaks and health pandemics to face the risk of epidemics or infectious diseases spreading in the country or in a region thereof; To preserve the health and life of citizens.

The committee agreed, with the government, that the decision should be for a limited period, and Representative Ihab Al-Tamawy, deputy of the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Affairs, suggested that the decision be for a year, and be renewable, provided that it is presented to the House of Representatives within a week, and if the House is not in place, it is presented to the House of Representatives The new deputies at its first meeting, and that in the event of issuing new decisions, they are presented to the parliament, and the committee approved this proposal.

The first article included 25 procedures and measures to confront epidemics and health pandemics to prevent the spread of epidemics or infectious diseases.

The second article stipulates that a higher committee for the management of epidemics and health regulations shall be formed, headed by the Prime Minister, with the membership of ministers specialized in health and population affairs, justice, defense, interior, local development, tourism, finance, supply and internal trade, education, technical education, higher education and research. Scientific, Social Solidarity, Chairman of the Egyptian Medicine Authority, Chairman of the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and Medical Technology Management, referred to in this law as the Committee, and the Chairman of the Committee may include whoever he sees as a member of this Committee. The committee has its members to hold its meeting as soon as a decision is issued announcing the outbreak of epidemics and health pandemics, and the prime minister determines the committee’s work system.

The third article specified the competencies of the crisis management committee, while the fourth article stipulated that the committee shall have a technical secretariat, whose formation and work system shall be issued by a decision from the head of the committee. The case of the outbreak of epidemics and health pandemics and presenting it to the committee, and proposing the necessary procedures and measures to confront the crisis, as well as all the work assigned to it by the head of the committee.

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