Monday, November 29

Shinhan Life, strengthened mobile environment inquiry of insurance terms…Introduced AI-based solution

Shinhan Life IGnet logo

IGNET, which developed AI insurance diagnosis app Bodak (Insurance Doctor), announced that it will supply AI-based insurance diagnosis and contract inquiry solution to Shinhan Life.

Through this, Shinhan Life’s designers are expected to be able to conduct more effective sales activities based on objective data. Customers will also be able to benefit from data-driven, customized insurance subscriptions.

Since 2015, IGNET has developed various AI-based InsureTech solutions and applied them to its own service, Bodak (Insurance Doctor), while supplying them to Hana Life, Finck, and KT.

With the introduction of this solution, Shinhan Life’s planners will be able to inquire about the terms and conditions of approximately 210,000 insurance products in a mobile environment. In addition, it will be possible to provide customers with scored (scored) diagnosis results and detailed explanations of as many as 28,000 insurance products.

A person in charge of IGNET said, “We are very pleased that supplying solutions to Shinhan Life, one of the big 4 life insurance companies in Korea, is proof that our technological prowess has been recognized. At the same time, we want to establish ourselves as the best insurtech company in Korea in name and reality.”

Meanwhile, as an insurance-specialized MyData solution, IGNET received the MyData business license from the Financial Services Commission in June, and plans to promote various data supply businesses related to MyData with insurance companies.

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