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Today, the trial of 3 defendants in the “Al-Waili cell” case

02:00 am

Thursday 11 November 2021

Books – Tarek Samir:

Today, Thursday, the Fifth Circuit of Terrorism of the Criminal Court, held in Tora Courts complex, is considering the trial of 3 defendants accused of forming a terrorist cell in al-Waili in the case known as the “ISIS al-Waili cell.”

The session will be held under the chairmanship of Counselor Mohamed Al-Saeed Al-Sherbiny, and the membership of the consultants Issam Abu Al-Ela, Ghareeb Ezzat, Imad Al-Darmali and Saad Al-Din Sarhan.

The referral order came in Case No. 1091 of 2020, Al-Waili emergency state security felonies, and restricted No. 144 of 2020 Supreme State Security felonies, accusing Medhat Ahmed Muhammad Al-Baik, whose nom de guerre is Sameh “architect,” and Moataz Ali Al-Saeed Mahmoud, whose nom de guerre is Amir. Mechanical engineer and Osama Muhammad Suleiman Salih, whose nom de guerre Muhammad Issa ‘a fugitive’, said that during the period from the beginning of 2014 to July 15 of the same year in the Al-Waili Department of Provisions of the constitution and laws and preventing state institutions and public authorities from carrying out their duties.

And the attack on the personal freedom of citizens, freedoms and public rights, and harming national unity and social peace by joining an armed group affiliated with the Brotherhood aims to change the regime by force and attacking members of the armed forces and the police and their facilities and public facilities. Terrorism was one of the means used by this group to achieve its criminal purposes, as shown with investigations.

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