Sunday, November 28

[속보]Government “Expand gas stations that supply 2 million liters of urea water… Increase the amount of urea water for private ambulances and deliver them next week”

The government announced that it would supply 2 million liters of urea water, which is being produced with 700 tons of urea for vehicles, confirmed during the on-site inspection to local governments and 100 gas stations nationwide, and increase the number of gas stations in the future. Of the 27,000 liters of urea imported from Australia, the amount decided to be distributed first to private ambulances through the local government will be increased from 4500 liters to 4790 liters and delivered next week.

The government announced on the 14th that it had held a joint response meeting between government agencies related to urea supply and demand at the government complex in Seoul, presided over by the 1st Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance (pictured) of Lee Won Lee (pictured), and discussed these details.

In the case of 2 million liters of urea being produced with 700 tons of urea for vehicles secured through on-site inspection, 1.8 million liters of urea will be supplied to 100 gas stations by the 15th, and the supply stations will be expanded as soon as production volumes are secured. The remaining 200,000 liters was supplied to 19 garages nationwide by the 12th to be used first for public purposes such as buses, special passengers, and vehicles to support the transportation vulnerable in accordance with the situation of each metropolitan area.

Of the number of urea (27,000 liters) imported from Australia, 4,790 liters, which are preferentially distributed to private ambulances, will be delivered to 18 bases in 17 cities and provinces within the next week. On the 11th, the Ministry of Finance explained that 200,000 liters of urea in the military reserve, which was first allocated to 30 gas stations near five ports, had been supplied to 7,000 containers by the previous day.

At the meeting, there was no mention of additional supply and demand for urea and number of elements. On the 12th, the government said, “According to efforts to diversify import sources through public-private cooperation, we are additionally securing up to 2.9 months’ worth of urea water for vehicles in third countries such as Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. The supply is expected to increase from 2.4 months’ worth to 5.3 months’ worth.”

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