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A parliamentary request to reconsider the decision to prevent non-vaccinators from dealing with government interests

02:51 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Nashat Ali:

Dr. Ayman Mohsab, a member of the House of Representatives, submitted a request for a briefing to Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House of Representatives, directed to the Prime Minister, regarding the decision to prevent citizens who do not have the Corona vaccine from dealing with government departments and the governorate‚Äôs general office; As of the beginning of next December, and that the services include the issuance of birth and death certificates, the renewal of the card and dealing with electricity and water companies, saying: “This decision is inconsistent with the constitution in a state of institutions.”

Mohseb explained that everyone does not disagree on the importance and necessity of obtaining the vaccine as soon as possible, and does not disagree with the efforts that the Egyptian state has made and continues to make since the start of the Corona pandemic until this moment, in various sectors and fields; With the aim of preserving the general health of citizens; However, this decision will have a negative impact in disrupting the interests of citizens, and therefore there should have been more deliberation before taking this step.

The member of the House of Representatives indicated that those who received the vaccine until the past days amounted to approximately 25 million citizens out of 100 million people, and this number compared to the population census represents a small percentage, and nearly 90% of regular university students were vaccinated, and the Minister of Education had previously stated High that only students who have been vaccinated will enter the exams, and this step may also harm the future of students.

The member of the House of Representatives questioned the available balance of the Corona vaccine, pointing out that all statements by officials regarding the vaccine indicate that there is a safe stock of the vaccine without disclosing numbers, criticizing the state of overcrowding in some vaccine centers, calling for the expansion of vaccine centers and the exploitation of centers Young people at the level of the Republic, provided that all precautionary and preventive measures are taken.

The member of the House of Representatives stressed the need to reconsider the decision to prevent citizens from dealing with government interests and bodies starting from next December, provided that the public interest is raised, the interests of citizens are preserved, and the constitution is respected.

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