Endowments: 221 funds to receive donations in 192 mosques in the Republic

06:25 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The Ministry of Awqaf announced the names of the vows mosques that were approved by the head of the religious sector and the number of funds in them.

And she explained in a statement, Sunday, that the opening of these funds is subject to the supervision of the ministry, and the opening is based on committees formed by it.

She pointed out that the total number of mosques that have vow boxes 192, 221 boxes, and five other mosques in Cairo Governorate are closed for maintenance and restoration.

Dr. Hisham Abdulaziz Ali, head of the religious sector, said that this comes in order to achieve the highest levels of transparency and financial governance and to activate Ministerial Resolution No. 373 of 2021, which includes prohibiting the placement of any donation boxes in mosques and preventing receiving any cash money other than through non-cash payment in official bank accounts, whether central accounts. Or the account of the mosque board of directors approved by the Ministry of Awqaf, except for the mosques of vows.

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