Monday, November 29

Environment and Flats Police seizes 35 navigation violations in one day

02:01 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The General Department of Environment and Landscape Police at the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Tourism and Antiquities Police Sector, has formed committees; To pass on (tourist and non-tourist floats and river units) to ensure their suitability for navigation and navigation and the extent of their commitment to the licenses granted to them, and to determine the extent to which all security, safety, health and environmental standards are met.

Its efforts in the field of inland navigation resulted in the seizure of 35 units of violation of the navigation law represented in (violation of licensing conditions – incomplete firefighting and rescue tools – lack of navigational licenses – expiration of navigational licenses – incomplete navigational crew – driving without a license – not lighting the navigational lights – Lack of navigational numbers – overload).

In the field of environmental protection, the committees seized 13 violations (of the requirements of the Environmental Protection from Pollution Law).

Legal action has been taken.

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