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‘Galaxy S21 FE’, which has been ‘baked’ due to a lack of semiconductors, is likely to be released only in Europe and other foreign countries in January next year

Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE) image. Information technology (IT) media Phone Arena homepage capture

Samsung Electronics has decided to release the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE), the entry-level version of the Galaxy S21, in January next year. It is not released in Korea, but is sold only in some regions such as Europe. The FE model, which was treated as a ‘filial son’ in the second half of last year, has become a ‘Gyereuk’ with only the appearance of being released due to a shortage of semiconductors this year.

According to the electronics industry on the 14th, Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the Galaxy S21 FE at the world’s largest consumer electronics show ‘CES 2022’, which will be held in Las Vegas on January 5-8 next year. It is known that it will be released only in some regions, including European telecommunication companies, in mid-January next year.

In the Galaxy S series, the flagship smartphone brand of Samsung Electronics, the FE model first appeared in the Galaxy S20 in the second half of last year. Although the performance is similar, the price was lowered and 2 million units were sold as a practical model within a month of its release. Sales of the Galaxy S20 were lower than expected, but there were also rumors that the remaining parts could be used as FE. In the second half of every year, the strategy of ‘singling’ the high-end market with Galaxy Note and foldable phones and the mid-priced market with the FE of the S-series was evaluated as effective.

However, in the second half of this year, the situation changed significantly. Due to the spread of Corona 19 in Southeast Asia and power shortages in China, the shortage of system semiconductors used in smartphones has worsened. The Galaxy Z Flip 3, a new foldable phone released in August, was a great success, but there was a situation where there was not enough semiconductors for the Flip 3. In the end, the FE release this year was abandoned. Samsung Electronics also considered not releasing FE at all, but it is known that the company has promised to release it to European telecommunication companies, etc.

Samsung Electronics is not likely to launch FE in Korea. In countries with high demand for premium phones like Korea, the strategy is to focus more on the Galaxy S22, which will be released in February or March next year. It is also known that Korean mobile carriers did not welcome the launch of FE in a situation where the supply of premium phones was insufficient.

Apple, which is famous for thoroughly managing its supply chain to prevent a shortage of parts, could not escape the shortage of semiconductors this time. Apple has cut its production target for the iPhone 13 this year, which was released last month, from 90 million units to 80 million units. Japan’s Nikkei Asia reported on the 1st that Apple is cutting production of iPad, a tablet PC, in half in order to increase production of iPhone 13, and shifting older iPhone parts to iPhone 13.

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