Health: We expect the start of a decrease in Corona injuries in this case

02:00 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, head of the Central Department of Preventive Affairs at the Ministry of Health, said that the plan developed by Egypt to confront the Corona pandemic was based on the preventive and therapeutic aspect, noting that providing vaccines and access to community immunity was a higher goal for Egypt and adherence to the precautionary controls and measures was the second complementary part. in the preventive plan.

And, “Abdel-Fattah” added in his interview with the “Sabahak Masri” program on MBC Egypt 2 today, Sunday, that social distancing etiquette and precautionary measures must be applied, not to be in crowded places, not to stay in closed places, wearing masks, and frequent washing of hands. And disinfect common surfaces.

He continued, “The need that I do not have, I must work between him and him as a buffer before touching, and any surface that I touch must be disinfected after that or washed with soap and water,” explaining that the number of people infected with the Corona virus at the present time fluctuates between rise and fall, from 900 to 950 infected.

And the head of the Central Department of Preventive Affairs at the Ministry of Health added: “The numbers are witnessing almost stability or stability, and we expect this to be an indication of the beginning of a decrease in Corona injuries,” stressing that the decrease in numbers will only happen in the case of citizens’ discipline and implementation of preventive measures, in addition to keenness to receive vaccine doses. .

He explained that the Egyptian state is working as a single bloc to confront the epidemic, and all hospitals and supplies are fully equipped at the highest level, commenting: “We will not leave an opportunity, whether prevention or treatment, unless we build our capabilities in it.”

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