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Helping refugees at the Belarusian border.. The head of the Muslim community in a Polish village: The crying of children is what hurts me the most

With the exacerbation of the refugee crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border, and the human suffering caused by the political tensions in Europe, the head of the Muslim community in the village of Bohoniki in eastern Poland is trying to provide as much help as possible to the stranded between the two countries.

According to the Associated Press, Macie Szczenovic cried when he first saw the migrants at the border, hungry and exhausted as they tried to enter Poland.

According to his testimony, the migrants suffer from hunger and exhaustion to the extent that they subsist from the mushrooms that grow in those areas, and even eat apples with their seeds if offered to them due to the excessive hunger they suffer from.

But what hurts Macichi Cetzenowicz most is hearing children crying and screaming, “It’s the worst thing.”

The head of the Muslim community in Bohoniki village seeks to help by collecting clothes, preparing food and serving it to migrants and soldiers who get in their way alike.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are camped on the border between the European Union and Belarus, which has sparked a confrontation between the Union and the United States on the one hand, and Belarus and its ally Russia on the other.

The European Union accuses Minsk of masterminding the crisis to put pressure on it after the sanctions it imposed, but Belarus has repeatedly denied this. Some countries in the region have warned that the confrontation could escalate into a military conflict.

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