Lee Jun-seok’s Silk Pocket Car Wash App, Policy Web Drama

2030 strategy ideas
Public demonstration of ‘Kraken’

It was confirmed on the 14th that the ‘silk bag’ that Lee Jun-seok, representative of People’s Power, gave to presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol contains ideas for targeting the 20s and 30s, such as a car wash application (app), a policy web drama, and a candidate promotional video contest. It is a low-cost, high-efficiency ‘smart predecessor’ initiative that induces active participation of voters.

During a luncheon meeting with Candidate Yoon at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 6th, CEO Lee shared the strategy for the final round. The key to the car wash app is that voters search for the location of the car wash through the app and then use it as they say. The remarks will be relayed on the party’s YouTube channel ‘Rinsori’, and some of them will be used as promotional videos for the candidates.

‘Silk Bag’ also included a contest for promotional video for candidates. The idea is to invite the participation of the 20th and 30th generations, just like the debate battle ‘I am National University (People’s Party spokesperson)’ in the open selection of party spokespersons in July. The idea of ​​producing a policy web drama is also under consideration.

Chairman Lee held an interview on the same day at the National Assembly Hall for the ‘disclosure of the online Sadd Kraken to prevent manipulation of public opinion in the 20th presidential election’ and said, “We intend to strictly deal with the attempt to manipulate public opinion as it distorts public sentiment and poses a serious challenge to democracy.” explained.

He said, “In 2012, the Saenuri Party was suspected of plotting public opinion manipulation to promote the then-Park Geun-hye presidential candidate by the sipaldan (albadan crusaders) suspected of being a commenting unit.” He also pointed out that “the Moon Jae-in government damaged the legitimacy of the government when Governor Kim Kyung-soo tried to operate a commenting unit at the suggestion of Drooking.”

Rep. Lee Young, chairman of the Party Digital Party Committee, described Kraken as “a system that monitors negative comments and upvotes.” Kraken crawls articles and comments on portal sites with key keywords such as People’s Power and Democratic Party (a technology that collects and classifies information on the Internet in an automated way). The collected data is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) and used to look for abnormal behavior.

“We are not collecting dissenting opinions,” Lee said. It will not be used for any purpose other than a fair election,” he said.


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