Marwa Hussein: 30% of diabetic patients suffer from skin diseases

04:23 AM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Dr. Marwa Hussein, a consultant dermatologist and member of the European and American Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, said that about 30% of diabetic patients suffer from skin diseases.

Dr. Marwa Hussein indicated that severe and persistent dry skin is a skin problem that may arise with age or as a result of a condition such as diabetes, as 44% of diabetics may suffer from dry skin.

The World Health Organization has designated November 14 as an annual World Diabetes Awareness Day.

Marwa explained that dermatologists attribute the causes of dry skin to a decrease in the secretions of skin oils or a defect in the production of the necessary fluids in its cells, something that may be stimulated by several pathological factors or factors from the surrounding environment and the daily practices of the patient, most notably cleaning the skin excessively and exfoliating it with some strong movements. ,
Excessive showering, as well as showering with very hot water, using central heating at home or in the workplace, or exposure to the sun for long and continuous times.

Marwa Hussein stressed the need to consult a dermatologist immediately if the dryness of the skin increases over time, even with treatment, or fluids come out of the skin, or if large areas of the skin crack and peel off, or a rash appears in the form of rings; Because in this case the person may have a bacterial or fungal infection or even eczema.

And she warned against scratching the skin, as it may cause bacteria or germs to enter the skin, and the area must be sterilized and treated immediately.
There are many options available to treat severe dry skin, especially dry skin that is not caused by diseases but merely environmental factors and simple daily practices and routines.

Dr. Marwa Hussein indicated that there are several necessary instructions to combat dry skin, which are to drink large amounts of water from two to three liters per day, and take a shower with moderate water only once a day, no more than for a period of no more than 15 minutes, and gently pat the skin to dry it. After the bath instead of rubbing it, as well as avoiding the use of perfumed soaps and the use of special medical soaps, the use of oil-based or greasy moisturizers instead of water-based moisturizers, and the use of antibiotic creams, especially on the cracks of the skin that may arise with itching and dryness.​

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