Monday, November 29

Military Manpower Administration ‘Man must go to active duty’… I decided to edit the promotional video

The Military Manpower Administration recently decided to revise a promotional video related to life in the military that was uploaded to its YouTube account after a scandal.

On the 5th, the Military Manpower Administration posted a video titled ‘A story of military life heard from friends’ on its official YouTube account. It is a setting where an active-duty soldier who is on vacation has a conversation with two friends about life in the military, enlistment-related system, salary, etc.

The remarks in question came out while explaining the process of enlisting in the military after losing weight through the Military Manpower Administration’s ‘Super Himchani Project’ after the protagonist, who is serving in the military on active duty, was initially judged level 4 in the military service determination test. The main character said, “I applied for the Super Himchan system because I thought my personality would allow me to go to active duty.” To this, the friend replied, “Actually, you have to go to the military because of your personality, so you go somewhere and proudly say that you are a man.”

The Super Himchani Project is a system that provides financial support so that a person who has received a grade 4 or 5 determination due to eyesight or weight in the military service determination test can receive help from hospitals, fitness clubs, and public health centers if they wish to enlist in active duty service. Some netizens objected to this conversation, saying it was ‘a split between active duty and the public interest’ and ‘a video that demeans the public interest’.

At a briefing on the 13th, Kang Min-jin, the leader of the Youth Justice Party, demanded an apology and deletion, saying, “This is a serious derogatory remark against young people who are dedicated to social service.” CEO Kang said, “The Korean military, which treats young people at low prices without even paying the minimum wage, needs to be fundamentally changed. said. The Military Manpower Administration decided to amend the content of the controversial video. An official from the Military Manpower Administration said, “It is regrettable that the controversy has become different from the purpose.

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