Monday, November 29

Park Hyung-joon “I’m sorry Busan is not fun”… Lee Jae-myung criticizes ‘Busan’ remarks

Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon said, “Candidate Lee Jae-myung, in relation to Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung’s ‘Busan’ remarks. ‘Busan is not fun,’ I’m sorry.”

Mayor Park said on his Facebook page on the 14th, “I was surprised that the person who came to Busan to ask for a ticket said ‘Busan is not fun’. Besides, I was even more surprised that it wasn’t as fun as Gangnam.”

Park Hyung-jun, Mayor of Busan

Mayor Park said, “I’m also worried about the thought that the frame of mind is not even stepping out of centralism in the metropolitan area. A place like Gyeonggi-do, where it could gain popularity, would have been really fun.” He added, “In that sense, the provinces are not really interesting.” “It is because the provinces and Busan are 100 times more difficult than Gyeonggi-do to attract companies and people who are leaving.”

Mayor Park said, “One of the most important issues in this presidential election is the issue of balanced regional development.” He argued, “In order for Korea to become a fair society, it must create multiple development axes, not just one, and innovative measures must be taken for this.” He cited an innovative decentralization policy that transfers independent authority and comprehensive budget to the provinces as a prerequisite.

Mayor Park asked, “Isn’t it a little too sympathetic when you say why you can’t have fun with people who are burning with injustice and inequality because they sit still and suffer because of unipolarism in the metropolitan area?”

Mayor Park requested an apology from the citizens of Busan, and said, “No, I will apologize because you won’t apologize.”

He added, “I want to attach as a postscript that the spirit of this election is to break the failure of decentralization and the failure of balanced development that fails to overcome unipolarism in the metropolitan area.”

Candidate Lee met with officials from startups in the Busan area while visiting Busan on the 13th, the day before, on the national tour schedule of ‘Weekly Buses’ and said, “Busan isn’t fun, honestly. It’s interesting, for example, there are aspects that aren’t like Gangnam.”

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