Sunday, November 28

People’s Power, comment monitoring ‘Kraken’ released

“If the manipulation is certain, it will be reported to the National Election Commission”
“Seeing patterns” dismisses the possibility of surveillance and inspection

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok and Digital Communication Chairman Lee Young are unveiling the ‘Kraken’ program, the first silk bag, at the National Assembly Hall on the afternoon of the 14th. Parliamentary photojournalists

The People’s Power has released the ‘Kraken’ program to counter manipulation of public opinion on the Internet. People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok mentioned the ‘Drooking’ of the Democratic Party in the past and the ‘Sipaldan’ of the Saenuri Party (predecessor of the People’s Power), and announced the purpose of the introduction to end the history of manipulation of public opinion. Regarding the possibility of cyber surveillance and inspection raised by some, they dismissed it as “seeing a pattern”.

The People’s Power held a press conference on the 14th at the National Assembly Hall to release the online THAAD Kraken to prevent manipulation of public opinion in the 20th presidential election. Kraken is the name of a mythical sea monster, and it has the meaning of defeating the ‘King Crab’, a comment manipulation program of the ‘Drooking’ crew. It is called the first ‘silk bag’ prepared by President Lee for the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol ahead of the presidential election.

In an interview on the same day, President Lee explained the purpose of introducing the Kraken, saying, “The repeated attempts to manipulate public opinion during each election distort public sentiment and pose a serious challenge to the election results and democracy, so we intend to deal with it strictly.” He said, “In 2012, the Saenuri Party was suspected of being a member of a comment gang (short for Crusader Albadan, suspected of plotting public opinion manipulation on social networking services to promote then-Park Geun-hye’s presidential candidate),” he said. He mentioned the past actions of sucrose.

“The Moon Jae-in government took it a step further, and Governor Kim Kyung-soo, a close confidant of the president, went to jail and damaged the legitimacy of the government while trying to operate a commenting unit at the suggestion of a man named Drooking. Similar to deploying a defense system for harm, I think it is weak to find and punish those who (manipulating public opinion) after the election is over. “He said.

Rep. Lee Young, who served as the chairman of the People’s Power Digital Party Committee, explained about Kraken as “a system that monitors negative comments and empathy (recommendation).” According to him, Kraken crawls articles and comments on portal sites with key keywords such as People’s Power, Minjoo Party, Yoon Seok-yeol, and Lee Jae-myung (a technology that collects and categorizes various information on the Internet in an automated way). The collected data is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) and used to check for abnormal behavior. Data classified as suspected of abnormal behavior is cross-verified by expertly monitoringable analysts.

Rep. Lee said, “It is the position of the people that we should not make such a thing (organized opinion manipulation) happen again in Korean political history,” said lawmaker Lee. . He said that so far, there have been no cases reported to the National Election Commission because of the internal pilot service.

CEO Lee met with reporters after the meeting and explained that the Kraken was “not to inspect the contents, but to see a suspicious pattern.” This is a statement that dismissed the possibility of cyber surveillance that has been raised in some areas. CEO Lee said, “If a person posts more than a certain number of comments, there are circumstances that may be suspicious. Since it is not going to be used for any purpose other than a fair election, I will speak with my conscience.”

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