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Pharmaceutical exporters: We cooperate to establish a logistics base for pharmaceutical supplies in Africa

02:36 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

I wrote – Sherine Salah:

Egypt is preparing to cooperate to establish a base for logistics services for pharmaceutical supplies in Africa, in cooperation with the Council of Unified Purchase and Strategic Stores, according to Dr. Maged George, head of the Export Council for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

During his speech on the sidelines of the second Intra-African Trade Fair IATF 2021, George touched on the development of cooperation in the field of eliminating the problems of Egyptian drug registration in Africa, given the intransigence of many registration authorities in a large percentage of African countries, in favor of agents of competing companies from the Far East. , by activating the memoranda of mutual recognition between each of the authorities responsible for registration in those countries and the Egyptian Medicines Authority, based on the draft mutual recognition memoranda proposed by the Export Council for Medical Industries.

And the draft mutual recognition memoranda proposed by the Export Council for Medical Industries is a nucleus for the next steps in establishing Egyptian factories for medicine and medical supplies in those countries under the supervision of the Export Council in order to manufacture for 120 Egyptian pharmaceutical companies of medium and small size.

He pointed out that the Intra-African Trade Fair in cooperation with the African Export-Import Bank, the African Union (AU) and the Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Zone (AfcFTA), where a platform will be provided to promote trade within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

George said that raising the cost of freight to Africa gives a strong boost to Egyptian exports, especially to Africa, explaining that the focus is on the African market because it is a major window for Egyptian exports.

He explained that the council focuses on this market for the possibility of expanding it during the coming period and meeting the needs of this market for medical supplies and medicines, stressing the importance of the Egyptian presence in the countries of the continent, and this is very clear in the export support program that supports shipping to Africa.

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