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Real estate financing.. Housing: 15,000 fully-finished apartments ready to be booked next month

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Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Mai Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, said that the coming period will witness a new offering within the real estate finance initiative with an interest rate of 3%.

The CEO of the Social Housing Fund added, in press statements, that the units that will be offered will be within the apartments of Sakan Misr, Jannah and Dar Misr, where the offering will take place in two stages.

And she continued, “The first phase will be during the next month, and the second is expected to be the first of January, as the offering includes 15,000 fully-finished housing units.”

The Ministry of Housing, represented by the New Urban Communities Authority, announced the preparation of the largest proposal for various housing units, which suit different segments of society, within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to provide various types of housing units, and to meet the desires of citizens to own their own units, which are commensurate with different income segments. .

According to the Ministry of Housing, the units that will be offered are ready for delivery, and most of them will be included in the presidential initiative for real estate financing, with an interest rate of 3%, and a repayment period of up to 30 years.

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The locations of the apartments that will be among the largest offering are as follows:

The first project, which is a paradise for luxury housing, is located in 8 new cities (6 October – Al-Shorouk – Sheikh Zayed – New Cairo – New Mansoura – New Minya – New Damietta – New Mallawi).

The project is an integrated compound with all services from commercial areas, security gates and a concrete fence, and the units are delivered fully finished with the highest quality.

Jannah apartments are compatible with the real estate financing initiative with an interest rate of 3%, but some apartment prices exceed one million and 400 thousand pounds.

Egypt residence:
The second project is Sakan Misr for medium housing, where the apartments are located in 12 new cities: (New October – October Gardens – Obour – New Cairo – New Alamein – New Mansoura – New Minya – Badr – West Qena – New Damietta – Shorouk – Nasser “West” Asyut”).

Egypt’s housing units are ready for delivery in most cities, where the units are delivered fully finished as well, but there is a tree fence around the project and there are no safe gates, but there is a share in the land of the two barriers project.

Egypt House:
The third project is Dar Misr for medium housing, where Dar Misr apartments are located in 8 new cities (May 15 – Sadat – 10th of Ramadan – October Gardens – Sunrise – New Cairo – Badr – New Burj Al Arab).

Premium housing:
Among the projects that will be offered is also distinguished coastal housing, in the cities of (New Rashid – New Alamein – New Damietta).

Various projects:
The Communities Authority is also launching a number of different projects, such as coastal housing units in New Mansoura.

The coastal housing is distinguished by its distinctive and unique shape, as the buildings consist of a ground floor and 5 floors, and the buildings are fully finished and do not have an electric elevator.

Units will also be offered in the Imbaba Airport land project, where nearly 800 units were launched last year, and the project is distinguished by its proximity to vital areas in Greater Cairo.

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