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Kim Jong-in and CEO Lee presented a compromise plan, but it seems to be a conflict over ‘key positions’

Watching alone at Gocheok Dome Presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol watches the match between Doosan and KT in the first round of the Korean Series at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 14th.”/>

Gocheok Dome alone People’s Strength presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol watches the match between Doosan and KT in the first round of the Korean Series of professional baseball at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 14th.

Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for People’s Strength, is fiddling with a card to eliminate the general election committee chairman, who is the ‘real power’ of the election committee on the 14th. Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee, will concentrate his powers on the head of the general fleet headquarters, which is being discussed as a strong point, but will also establish the fleet headquarters for each function to broaden the participation of senior officers, thereby obtaining the effect of the ‘extended reorganization’ of the camp that Candidate Yoon envisions. Lee Jun-seok, who is emphasizing a complete reorganization at the level of ‘camp dismantling’ with former Chairman Kim, drew a line saying, “We have not discussed it.”

On the same day, candidate Yoon visited Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul to watch the first game of the Korean Series, and said, “(The composition of the predecessor committee) is going well, so please watch it.” Candidate Yoon is scheduled to attend the publication commemoration of former Chairman Kim Jong-un on the 15th, and with this as an opportunity, discussions about whether or not to join former Chairman Kim and the composition of the predecessor committee are expected to speed up.

Candidate Yoon’s side is setting the outline of the election team to have a general captain for each of 4-5 areas such as policy, organization, function, and public relations, instead of eliminating the ‘one-person real-world’ general election director. A key official from Candidate Yoon’s side said, “Under the Election Countermeasures Committee, the secretary general (as the general election chief) is not in charge of everything, but is devising a plan to do it in parallel by field.”

Eliminating the position of the head of the general fleet headquarters, which is the core of the fleet, has the effect of preventing personnel conflict. It is interpreted as a card that can be offered as a ‘compromise’ to former Chairman Kim and Chairman Lee, who are wary of Yoon’s aides appearing at the front of the election committee. As former Chairman Kim said, “You cannot play the role of a scarecrow” (CBS Radio on the 12th), it is also analyzed to pave the way before the recruitment of former Chairman Kim into the formation of a working-level organization. In an interview with ‘Shin Dong-ah’, which was released on the same day, Candidate Yoon said, “How can (former Chairman Kim) become a scarecrow?” and “I will respect his experience and opinions and will operate (the predecessor committee).”

It is unclear whether Candidate Yoon’s ideas will be smoothly realized without additional nerve warfare. The key is how well it fits with the ‘small predecessor’ emphasized by former Chairman Kim and Chairman Lee. Candidate Yoon’s side is meaningful in that the system of general election chairpersons by field opens the way for many seniors to participate. A key party official explained, “If a third-term lawmaker assumes the role of the general election chairperson, it is difficult for seniors in the fourth or fifth term to come under him.

The specific edge line is a variable. There may be disagreements over whether candidates from Candidate Yoon’s side and former Chairman Kim think of as ‘people who can work together’ are placed in key positions in the previous generation. Former Chairman Kim has demanded the clean-up of Yoon’s aides, saying, “If you are too obsessed with people, you will not succeed.”

CEO Lee drew a line saying, “It is not discussed.”

A war of nerves over the fate of Secretary-General Han Ki-ho continues. After reports came out that Candidate Yoon’s side had requested the replacement of the secretary-general, it was reported that President Han resigned from CEO Lee. A party official said, “I understand that the president did not accept the resignation.” CEO Lee said, “I have not discussed it with the candidate.

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