Supply of 2 million liters of urea water to local governments and base gas stations… Increase the priority allocation for private ambulances to 4790

Government, Urea Water Supply and Demand Measures Meeting

The government announced that it would supply 2 million liters of urea water, which is being produced with 700 tons of urea for vehicles, confirmed during the on-site inspection to local governments and 100 gas stations nationwide, and increase the number of gas stations in the future.

However, at the site, it was found that the details of the emergency supply and demand adjustment measures triggered on the 11th were not provided in detail, and the confusion was not resolved because there was still a shortage of supplies at each gas station.

■ Government to expand supply of gas stations in the future

No additional income
Gas station, driver ‘shortage’, confusion still persists

The government announced on the 14th that it had held a joint response meeting related to the supply and demand of urea at the government complex in Seoul, presided over by the 1st Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance, Lee Won Lee, and discussed such details.

In the case of 2 million liters of urea being produced with 700 tons of urea for vehicles secured through on-site inspection, the government decided to supply 1.8 million liters to 100 gas stations by the 15th, and expand the supply stations as soon as production volumes are secured. 2 million liters of urea water is enough to drive 143,000 domestic commercial trucks and 22,000 routes, villages and special buses for about ten days. The remaining 200,000 liters was supplied to 19 garages nationwide by the 12th to be used first for public purposes such as buses, special passengers, and vehicles to support the transportation vulnerable in accordance with the situation of each metropolitan area.

Of the 27,000 liters of urea imported from Australia, 4,790 liters, which are distributed first to private ambulances, will be delivered to 18 bases in 17 cities and provinces this week. On the 11th, the Ministry of Finance explained that 200,000 liters of urea in the military reserve, which was first allocated to 30 gas stations near five ports, had been supplied to 7,000 containers by the previous day.

At the meeting, there was no mention of additional supply and demand for urea and number of elements. The government announced on the 12th that “the amount of urea water for vehicles scheduled to be held in Korea in the future is expected to increase from 2.4 months’ worth to 5.3 months’ worth.”

■ Gas station ‘Gapjil’ due to price surge

Even after the government’s emergency supply and demand adjustment measures were invoked, it was found that the confusion at the site was still there. On the 11th, the government invoked an emergency supply and demand adjustment measure, including requiring companies that import, produce, and sell urea and urea number to report daily performance-related information by noon the next day. It also includes restricting the sales of urea water to gas stations and limiting the one-time purchase amount of passenger cars and trucks to 10 liters and 30 liters, respectively.

However, most small and medium-sized companies sell urea water to the market through several intermediate distribution networks, but the government has limited sales to gas stations. It is known that the material parts supply and demand response support center, which receives reports on the number of urea, is receiving calls asking, ‘How do you suddenly trade with a gas station while leaving your existing customers?’ There are still complaints among drivers that finding the number of elements is ‘picking the stars in the sky’. In online communities where many individual truck drivers sign up, there are complaints about cases where some gas stations are ‘gap-jil’ by selling urea water, such as not selling urea water unless they refuel more than a certain amount or supplying only to regular customers. have. Complaints about excessive prices are also being received at the stand-off reporting center.

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