The application time is different.. Two generations’ journey in the world of employment

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Sunday 14 November 2021

I wrote – Shorouq Ghoneim:

Najwa Hanafi insisted on accompanying her daughter during her participation in the “Shaghalni” employment forum, which is directed for the first time only for women. The fifty-year-old woman was not aware of similar activities to provide job opportunities. “The topic is strange for someone who is used to newspaper ads.”

For the first time, the “Shaghalni” employment forum was organized for women only, as Omar Khalifa, CEO of the “Shaghalni” platform, said in a previous statement that the Shaghalni Employment Forum for women is an opportunity for Egyptian women to facilitate their access to institutions and companies and to obtain a suitable job, which helps to Empowering women and integrating them further into the labor market to boost economic growth in Egypt.

Inside the place, the mother and her 25-year-old daughter wandered in search of an opportunity that fits her field of study, as she graduated from the Faculty of Law, and Salonaz is exploring job opportunities at the forum organized for the first time for women. .

At first, Najwa was afraid that it might not be true, “because I had never heard of this, so I wanted to come with her to be reassured.” , while hoping to get one.


The CEO of the “Shaghalni” platform said, in statements to Masrawy, that the forum “includes very good jobs, with salaries ranging from 2500 pounds to 10 thousand pounds, pointing out that the jobs include tourism, hotels, accounting, engineering, social media, customer service, cashier and other other jobs.” .

Mohsen Muhammad stood examining the job paper, following up on what opportunities exist for his daughter, a recent law graduate, while he was happy with the experience and providing hundreds of opportunities for girls, “a good idea for employment and the first time I see it.”

The 63-year-old father remembers looking for jobs during the eighties, when he started working in that period, “I used to look at newspapers or find myself in places and ask if there was a job for an agricultural engineer.” It was a difficult period for him, as the search for a job was difficult, “and he did not have many opportunities.”

But during his presence in the forum, he was grateful for the idea of ​​gathering vacant opportunities in one moment, which facilitates the situation for his daughter, especially since she is a recent graduate and does not yet know how to search for a job opportunity.” There are many fake things on the internet that are not real.

What was distinctive about the father in his sixties during the experience, was the presence of all opportunities for girls and women only, which he considered a strong step to support girls in work “in advertisements that remain a lot, but we want young men”, while he hopes that the forum will be a real reason for his daughter’s employment.

The CEO of the “Shaghalni” platform says that women in Egypt represent nearly half of the total population in Egypt, as women’s contribution to the labor force reached 14.3% of the total labor force (15 years and over) compared to 67.4% for men, and the unemployment rate reached For females 17.7% compared to 6% for males, and the percentage of working females (15 years and over) was 11.8% compared to 63.4% for males.

Ilham Muhammad seemed confused at the event, she had not yet understood how to access the jobs available for each specialty, but after wandering around a bit, she and her daughter realized the matter.

Ilham wanted to accompany her daughter during that experience, especially since the latter was not enthusiastic about coming, “she was afraid that she could not find real opportunities or accept need.” The daughter was previously frustrated, as she was not accepted into a number of the jobs she applied for or the lack of suitable opportunities.

During the last period, Elham and her daughter were following the specialized websites for employment on the Internet, to help her find a job that suits her specialization in the field of education, but the opportunities were few, “but when we came here, we discovered that there are types of jobs that benefit with them, and in the convenience of dealing,” the mother wandered Accompanied by her daughter until she was able to apply for more than one job opportunity, she tried at the end of the day to erase the frustration about her daughter’s soul.

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