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The Police Academy hosts the activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Police Program

01:20 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The Police Academy at the Center for Security and Strategic Studies hosted the activities of the training course in the field of (illegal firearms trafficking) during the period from (7-11/11/2021), with the active and distinguished participation of (16) participants representing 4 Arab countries (Egypt – Jordan – Palestine – Lebanon).

Six security experts from European countries and organizations attended the session over five days.

The organization of this training course comes within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Police Security Cooperation Training Program, which aims to strengthen the capacity to combat organized and dangerous crime based on the exchange of experiences, good practices and strategic cooperation between national law enforcement authorities in the countries participating in the project and between EU member states and EU agencies .

The course program witnessed the organization of several joint lectures, discussions, activities and training workshops related to trafficking in illegal firearms and a review of international best practices in investigations, confrontation mechanisms, international cooperation and support, which clearly reflects the confidence of the international community and the European Union in the institutional and organizational capabilities enjoyed by the sectors of the Ministry of Interior. Egyptian.

The course activities were concluded by organizing an inspection tour for the participants of the academy entities and reviewing the training capabilities and logistical structure that were appreciated by them.

All participants in the course praised the warm reception and hosting they received, and all the possibilities that were provided to them during the course of the course, which was reflected in the output of its activities as intended.

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