The students accused in the “Alexandria Rights” quarrel were released

03:47 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Today, Sunday, Bab Sharqi District Misdemeanor Court decided to release the accused in the incident of the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University, on a bail of 5,000 pounds each, pending investigations.

The defendants’ defense had submitted a request to the court to release the defendants, in order to preserve their future, as they are university students and have a known place of residence and are not afraid of escaping, which the court responded to.

A verbal altercation erupted between two students, one from the Faculty of Law and the other from the Faculty of Arts, outside the university campus in a restaurant on Sutter Street in the Azarita area.

The altercation developed into a quarrel in front of the college gate, in which the two students exchanged assaults on the other, which resulted in the arts student’s injury with slashes and a cut wound below the chin.

A force from Bab Sharqi police station came and arrested the law student and took him and some of the participants in the quarrel to the police station to take the necessary action, while the injured student of the Faculty of Arts was transferred to the main university hospital.

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