There is no gender equality, only men and women

“Feminism should not be used to favor elections and extension of power”
(Yoon Seok-yeol, remarks at the meeting of the People’s Power on August 2nd)

“The Democratic Party reversed discrimination against men with various feminist policies”
(Lee Jae-myung, shared a community post at the November 8th Party Central Election Countermeasures Committee meeting)

Sharing posts that encourage ‘anti-feminism’, establishing accusations of sexual assault, changing the name of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and adjusting its functions… .

These are recent remarks and actions by the Democratic Party of Korea Lee Jae-myung and Yoon Seok-yeol, the People’s Strength presidential candidate, regarding gender and gender equality. Presidential candidates who should present a vision for social integration are showing a regressive behavior, taking the lead in gender division. In particular, it is pointed out that, as they focus on attracting votes from men in their 20s and 30s, they fail to show policies for a gender-equal society, and are putting their hands on structural issues such as polarization in the labor market and gender inequality.

Politicians encouraging ‘anti-feminism’

Presidential candidates Jae-myung Lee and Seok-yeol Yoon
To share anti-feminist posts
Promise of not guilty of sexual assault
gender splitting regression

Candidate Lee shared an article on social networking service (SNS) saying, ‘This madness of feminism must stop’, written by the author who said he was ‘Hong Kadan’ (supporter of National Power Assemblyman Hong Jun-pyo) on the 10th on the 10th. “Let’s read it together,” he wrote. On the 8th, an article posted on the bulletin board of the Tanji Ilbo was shared at a meeting of the National Election Countermeasures Committee, ‘Why 2030 Men Gathered at Femco to Support Hong (Rep. Jun-pyo)’. “The Moon Jae-in administration and the Democratic Party reversed discrimination against men through feminist policies.”

Candidate Yoon pledged to create an acknowledgment clause in the Special Act on Sexual Violence. It was to accept the perception of some male-dominated communities that there are many people who falsely claim sexual violence and become ‘unfortunate perpetrators’. In actual sexual assault crimes, the acquittal rate is negligible. As a result of a 2019 survey by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the Korea Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 0.78% of the 71,740 prosecutors (excluding duplicates) who handled sexual violence cases between 2017 and 2018 were indicted for nothing, of which 0.42% were found guilty. . Candidate Yoon said in August that “feminism should be healthy feminism as well.”

Both candidates said they would change the name of the Ministry of Leisure to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family or the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and adjust its functions. For that reason, Candidate Lee said, “Just as you should not be discriminated against because you are a woman, it is not right to be discriminated against because you are a man.” Candidate Yoon said, “The Ministry of Leisure and Sexuality failed to perform its gender equality function properly, and the promotion of treating men as potential criminals caused disappointment.”

Sociologist Oh Chan-ho pointed out, “Their messages themselves are causing conflict and giving a signal that reverse discrimination is a real logic.”

Real problems pushed away

2030 male voter frantic
Putting on the frame of ‘gender conflict’
Gender equality policies

Experts analyze that the feeling of deprivation that young men feel has several things in common. The fact that the patriarchal status enjoyed by men of the older generation does not apply to the young men of today, that they are living in endless competition where it is difficult to find a decent job, and that the burden of change toward a gender-equal society demanded by women of their age falls on them. that it is considered In such a situation, women are being targeted for anger.

However, politicians and some media have framed ‘gender conflict’ to make them perceive gender conflict as the root of youth problems. As a result, the problems of polarization and gender inequality within the labor market, which must be resolved urgently, evaporate. The issue of non-regular workers, gender discrimination in the labor market, gender wage gap, and anti-discrimination laws are pushed out of the discussion.

Kwon Soo-hyeon, CEO of the Gender Politics Research Institute, Yeo Se-yeon, said, “It is not appropriate to acknowledge the story of a community with strong anti-feminist sentiments as if it represents all young men in their 20s and 30s, in the sense that politics intensifies conflict rather than dialogue or mutual negotiation.” Kwon Myung-ah, a professor of Korean literature at Dong-A University, said, “In that feminism and gender politics are issues of structure and power, we should not look at Lee Dae-nam, but look at structure and power.”

Even under the Moon Jae-in administration, sexual and misogynistic crimes by high-ranking officials have not ceased, and the gap in the labor market is still not narrowing.

Professor Kwon Myung-ah said, “The government and politicians rely on real-time data to determine major policy principles and election strategies, and if the target is in their 20s, they follow their 20s, and if they are in their 40s, they follow their 40s. The question of how they are related and what values ​​should be advocated has completely disappeared.”

CEO Kwon Soo-hyun said, “In the end, we need to intensively discuss ways to resolve discrimination and inequality in labor, create better jobs, and even change the system. said.

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