Warning to motorists… Advice from meteorologists for citizens during rain and bad weather

04:34 PM

Sunday 14 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director General of Forecasting and Early Warning at the Meteorological Authority, gave a set of advice to citizens and motorists on dealing with the bad weather wave that hits a number of regions.

Shaheen told Masrawy that with regard to areas of rain, motorists during the rainy period should pay close attention to the condition of the roads, know the situation on the roads before traveling, and be careful while driving on slippery roads or in the event of road closures, especially those heading to and from areas exposed to rain.

As for the citizens of Cairo and Lower Egypt, there is no rain, but it is preferable to stop wearing summer clothes and rely on “rather heavy” clothes, and whoever travels early or late prefers to take a jacket with him while traveling, as there is a slight cold in the late hours of the night and early in the morning .


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